Her er en fin konservativ tekst ved Charles Murray, “Prole Models: America’s Elites Take Their Cues From the Underclass.” Rystende meget af det kan direkte overføres på danske forhold. Her er en central passage:

Language, appearance, sex, and family: Each of the signs by which we used to recognize a member of the underclass fails today. But the proletarianization of the dominant minority has broader implications than changes in social norms. What we are witnessing is the aftermath of a collapse of the code of the elites, creating a vacuum in which underclass behavior takes on the elements of a code.

By code I mean your internal yardstick for tracking how you measure up to a standard that is accepted by those whose approval you seek. I will focus here on the code of the gentleman as it evolved in this country, where it had nothing to do with being rich or wellborn. To be an American gentleman meant that one was brave, loyal and true. When one was in the wrong, one owned up and took one’s punishment like a man. One didn’t take advantage of women. One was gracious in victory and a good sport in defeat. One’s handshake was more binding than any legal document. When the ship went down, one put the women and children into the lifeboats and waved goodbye with a smile.

They used to be rules. Now they are jokes. Some men still live by them–there is a lot of stealth virtue going around–but they are embarrassed to say what they are doing. The code of the gentleman has collapsed, just as the parallel code of the lady has collapsed.